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    Les trucs à faire impérativement à faire avant la fin du monde pour les fans d'anime

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    Les trucs à faire impérativement à faire avant la fin du monde pour les fans d'anime

    Message par Giromu le Mer 12 Déc - 5:57

    Things that Anime Otaku Should Do Before The World End

    December 11, 2012
    If you an anime otaku
    believing in the Mayan doomsday apocalypse, which I pity you if you do.
    Then, why not do something before you die? Since the doomsday is set
    exactly 10 days from now which will occur on 21 December 2012. It should
    be enough time to do what you want.
    1) Spend the last moment with your favorite character.

    Come on guys. Its the end of the world, the last thing you wanna do
    is to fap before you die or have sex. If you have a real girlfriend or a
    wife (Which I think is highly impossible.) then do them. But if you
    don’t have one, don’t worry. You can buy Onahole and Dakimakura and spend time with your favorite character before the world perish in front of your very eyes.

    2) Re-watch or watch all the best anime.

    Otaku have short
    term memory (Don’t you denied this.) because once you watched a
    particular anime you tend to forget has time passes by with more anime.
    So do a day worth of quick research and find some anime that it is worth
    watching before you die. Of course, if you think you don’t wanna waste
    time, here are the top 10 list we recommend you to watch.

    • School Days
    • Mirai Nikki
    • Neon Genesis Evangelion
    • Code Geass S1 & S2
    • Guilty Crown
    • Sword Art Online
    • Kanon
    • Angel Beats
    • Clannad S1 & S2
    • Air

    (In short, watch some depressing Anime shows)

    3) Do something wild to your figurine.

    Now that you know you gonna die and you should also know that your
    figurine will go along with you. Here’s a tip. Do something wild to your
    figurine before doomsday happen. For example, you can paint your highly
    expensive 100 over dollars figurine to different colours just to see
    how wonderful it looks on other type of colours. Also, you could toss or
    rather abuse your figurine and don’t feel sad about it. There is
    nothing you could do since you are dying soon anyway.

    4) Sit down and think what have you done for your entire life.

    Spend a time in one of your room’s corner
    by sitting down facing the wall and think about what you have done for
    your entire life. Look around your room filled with figurine and anime
    poster and asked yourself is your time of your entire life well-spent?
    If it is well spent, then good for you. If it isn’t, then I’m sorry that
    you realize it a bit too late and you may live your entire 10 days of
    your life in regret and agony till you died.

    5) Read about failed apocalypse predictions.

    Yes. Take time and go on to the internet to
    see other failed apocalypse predictions. Make sure you read about it
    until your brain tells you that you are a complete moron
    for believing in the Mayan doomsday apocalypse. Once you realize
    how idiotic you are, you can go back to your normal Otaku
    life awaiting for your new anime episode to be out next week.

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