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    Kill kill kill ma ma ma! Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees



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    Kill kill kill ma ma ma! Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees

    Message par Giromu le Sam 30 Juil - 12:45

    Il y'a bien eu Freddy vs Jason en film alors pourquoi pas ces deux là qui ont bien plus en commun?

    The duel!

    Michael Myers, de la série des Halloween


    Jason Voorhees, de la série des vendredi 13

    Voici l'opinion d'un fan, à laquelle je souscris personnellement:

    Strength wise they are close - even match, possibly jason wins at a stretch but not such a difference to be noticeable.

    Intelligence - Myers wins hands down. Jason is this big lumbering stupid
    thing who runs around a forest bumping into teens - michael would have
    fun with him, lure him into his mothers cabin thing and then take his
    head of with an axe.

    Arsenal of weapons - over the two franchises they both have wielded some
    bad ass weapons. Traditionally myers has the kitchen knife and jason
    the machete but michael has had a scythe, axe, a car (just wrong) and
    pretty much what ever he could use.

    Jason is quicker, but thats going on what we have seen... in curse of MY
    he runs so both run when need to. Also michael does not need to run, he
    has super walking powers, he caught up to a car in on the films!

    Invincibility - both seemingly cannot die! (which sort of renders the whole discussion pointless)

    Overall, michael is a cut above jason ... Likely scenario - Michael
    loses the first duel but it is very close, he does his left for dead
    sleep thing. 2nd time around Myers takes the head of jason's mom and
    uses it to mess with jason, swings an axe to his knee or another
    demobilizing point and then goes to town with some rage he was saving
    for his family reunion.

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    Une chose est sûre: le match serait long et gore entre ces deux êtres immortels, surpuissants et ultraviolents. Limite interminable si on en faisait un film. Et silencieux.
    Il faudrait un super bon réalisateur pour rendre ça pas trop ennuyeux.

    Et vous? Vous placez vos billes sur qui?
    En tout cas, je suis fan du thème musical d'Halloween.

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